Hannes Scharfetter & Reyes Alejandre led a creative team, multidisciplinary and versatile in full development and continuous learning.


Trained in architecture, graphic design, web programming and technology, communication and comprehensive project advice. Trained for more than four years theoretical and practical level by chilean coach and mentor Juan Humberto Cataldo Pizarro in the Fundamental and Universal Principles of Quality (FUPQ) for the New Century (Millennium).

We are interested in health and nutrition, knowledge, care and responsible use of the environment, intelligent design and all creative expressions of solidarity on a personal level and social group.

We are pleased and encouraged to work towards a more harmonious and with better Quality* of Life world.

* Quality: Is the condition of complete harmony of the people, of all living organisms and organizations. In humans, characterized by the determination to carry out their activities with full intelligence, creativity and solidarity, so as to promote its vital balance in line with that of others and the social and environmental in which it operates.


Identify what makes each project a unique contribution, where its essence and reason for being, what defines its brand value.

The following is coherent and effectively communicate this uniqueness through images, colors, shapes, text, pictures, videos, music and other new media ... yet to be discovered.

For each of our projects we develope design solutions, architecture and / or personalized communications that meet their Real Needs** providing Harmony and Quality of Life.

We work for print, digital and audiovisual as well as developing architectural solutions, interior and industrial design, for clients from all sectors.

** The Real Needs: Those who once covered, allow or encourage the vital equilibrium, both psychological and emotional or physical development of individual, group or society. Meet these needs is the sine qua non for the proper functioning of organisms.





In coordinated and harmonious teams, practicing proactive communication and commitment throughout with the following Fundamental and Universal Principles of Quality, because we understand that quality is, ultimately, quality of life:

To be attentive to work without prejudices, attachments and illusions in the different aspects of the activity and with the different teams, partners, customers, suppliers, etc.

To work exclusively on the basis of Real Needs.

To use all means necessary and sufficient commensurate with Real Needs.

Development of the activity from an attitude that includes a commitment to the Fundamental Principles of Quality as the natural unique way, with no alternatives, for achieving the objectives.

It´s the holistic activity, conscious and responsible that involves the practical implementation of the right attitude, the learning, the media economy and the ethics.

The working process we follow:

a. Documentation
b. Real Needs analysis
c. Creativity
d. Realization
e. Production
f. Maintenance
g. Analysis of results